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This is a group dedicated to toon tfs featuring attractive women and girls from various cartoons, video games, sitcoms, and other media. If they're inflated, flattened, frozen, incinerated, squeezed, or transformed, it doesn't matter, so long as it's done in a fun, sexy, and cartooney way. That means:

NO Gore
NO Realistic Perils
NO Vore


Additionally, the cartoons can't feature exclusively males. Males can be included, but only if females are as well, and furries do qualify for this group. Also you can only withdraw your own request if you make one and if you so wish, unless the request made by another member/contributor is irrelevant to the themes of this group.
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Feb 19, 2014


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253 Members
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Well. Xmas is coming, a year is ending, good stuff happening and such. However, I do have some stuff I would like to tell to my friends about:

From my perspective, I was capable of overcoming several stuff during these years of study and work, meeting some interesting friends who I enjoyed meeting and drawing for them, with hopes of seeing them do something for me in return, however not all stuff has to be good as we always know. There were some good friends who were nice to meet, but had their critical moments that made them to leave, and it's something I'm not taking well, you know.

Also, my apologies for the behaviour I was having ultimately. You already know I get easily worried about a lot of stuff. People leaving while feeling drama or getting affected by something, like the Hurricanes, disappearance of stuff/drawings/people we might have enjoyed back then, hopes to see the past again and revive such moments, among other things.

Being completely honest, I do still have something to tell some of my friends. To all those who have been following me through all these years, those who welcomed my stay here, those who liked my improvements on drawing/animation skills, those people who I supported their work despite not commenting quite much, but being able to encourage them to go forward, those who supported me on my way to beat Graphic Design and believe I can make it through Digital Animation, and those who, despite being the one who was encouraging you, have been always encouraging me whenever I was feeling down or worried.

Thank you all for supporting me and my work through all these years here on DeviantArt so far, helping me whenever I need it and me helping you whenever you need it. I hope I can get to know more about you and visit you in real life someday, so I can see if I can help you as well.

So then, let's go to the wishlist to some of my friends:

To :icontimgaukertoons:
I pretty much appreciated the way how you were doing better at drawing not just your characters and the stuff that's been going on from classic cartoons, but also being there with some neat concepts for character stories. Sure despite not being as well known around, you still find your way to be recognized. I wish you can be still improving and eventually become a great cartoonist one day.

To :icontofertheakita:
I wanna thank you for helping me come with some more nice concepts to try out and know how important it is to achieve our goals, despite dealing with some struggle. Checking out some of the ideas from your drawings gives me a possible vibe to give it a try myself whenever I get to see it. Hopefully we get to come with an idea we can try together, so I wish we can have some more fun times with whatever floats in our mind.

To :iconkecomaster:
Being one of the first users I ever met in this website, I'd like to thank you for helping me know about what this website is about. You even inspired me on introducing Rika to the group of elastic women. I'd like to thank you as well for the Elastic Trip you've been doing since the start of the year, because, thanks to it, I got to meet several more people around. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully I get to know more about the people you drew fanarts for.

To :icondat-tf-artist-numa:
Sure it's been a little hard between us, but we know we can get to be encouraged whenever either of us feels bad. Sometimes I do want to draw something special for you, be it with your characters or whatever you'd like to see from me, as well as the drawings you've done for me being a sign of appreciation of my efforts. Knowing that someday you may be leaving the website, I wanna wish you good luck on wherever you're gonna be and hopefully we find a way to talk again from there and on.

To :iconalanes:
You've been another of those guys who introduced me to the website. Through these years, I knew your drawing style was that of an advanced cartoonist and I wanted to find my way to improve myself and get to your level as well. You were also one of the few guys who allowed me to know about the TF Idol contests and see how I would be doing at it. I wanna wish you good luck in your future projects here and hope the legacy never dies down.

To :iconwarserebii:
I really wanna thank you for introducing me to the world of transformations, as well as the TF Idol contest, where I got to meet some people around and draw several toony situations for them just to prove myself for it. This could be extended to the time I actually won this year's TFI, with effort, creativity and determination. Even if I can't find what else thank you for, I wish you to keep encouraging newcoming cartoonists to be introduced to this website.

To :iconfunnytime77:
I'd like to thank you for helping me befriend most people I got to know and help between us to overcome some situations we've gone through. You were also someone who introduced me the concept of role playing and knowing more about the website, as well as meeting some friends, even if that's not a capability I have. Good luck bud and I wish you to keep going at introducing many more people with your personality, Loud House fandom stuff and other things.

To :iconsergy92:
I'd also like to appreciate your help through these years on my stay, knowing more about what news you may be bringing and possible concepts to try along. You were also very supportive to my personality and works, so I wish you to keep going at it. When my animated show is ready to go, I'm sure it's gonna start off with a bang!

To :iconcandithewildpig:
Gabby. Like many of the people in this list, you're one of the closest friends I ever had here. Much like them, I appreciated how was your cartoony style in many of your drawings, even though I don't comment or fave as much as other people do. Coming up with ideas from them and other people is also a nice way to be introduced, right? Seeing the situations that you've been going through, like the hurricanes,  or whenever you were feeling sad, makes me feel worried as I always wanted to find a way to help you and other people be happy again. Even then, I have been trusting your thoughts most of the time, helping me know what's good and what's bad. Now that I see you're gonna be studying animation as well, I wanna wish you the best of luck on your career and hope you make it as much as I'm gonna do and, if possible, I hope we get to come up with something we can do together or meet each other in real life one of these days.

To :iconmontyclan:
Rob. You were also one of the few people who got me introduced to this website as well. Getting to meet some new people, I appreciate how supportive you can be for them, as well as you being supporting me and my efforts I put in. Sure your stories can come up interesting to read, even if drawing isn't something you can do well, but it can help me come up with something new to try. Of course, there can be things and reasons we may be arguing about and talk about what can be good or bad, but either way we're pretty good friends together. Thank you for the support, so I wanna wish you to keep going at it. I don't know if you wanted to meet me in real life as well.

To :iconluigistar445:
Seeing the efforts you put through your works, your cartoony style and some other things we like in common, you may be another one of my closest friends we ever been. I think I remember I wanted to mimick your style as well, which led me to introduce it as a concept I'm trying with other people's drawing styles. If I ever get to know more about you, that would be great. Keep at it with your character stories and wacky hijinks you pull off, so I wish you to keep going with it. Someday, I can also imagine you being a cartoon animator as well, but (heh) whatever goes best for you, keep going.

To :iconsmithandcompanytoons:
What can I tell. You're also a very nice friend for me and one of the few ones who did the most fanarts for me, something I wish to see more often from other people too. Even though what you draw is something you like more, I suggest you to balance what you do. As a nice friend of mine, I also have to be giving you support when needed as much as you do for me. Either way, I wish you good luck in the future wherever you are and, hopefully, you get me know more stuff I may like to take part of.

To :iconqueencheystar:
Chey. You're also a very special friend, maybe one of the nicest ones I ever got to know. I have to appreciate how you tend to come up with different ways to improve yourself apart from the Minecraft style I knew you from several years ago. Much like many friends here, remember that we're here to help you whenever you feel bad. Don't give up, please. I wish you to keep going positively through your life and, whenever you feel sad, come talk to us so we can help you.

To :iconmedalbambi:
I wanna thank you for motivating me to the concept of digital animation. Mostly, the hand drawn animations featuring Maydine and other characters. Because of this, many people, including myself, got to know you here hoping to see what else can you do, but seeing the situation you've been having with your computer or Macromedia it's been worrying. I wanna wish you the problem gets fixed someday soon, so we can get to see a lot more from you in many different ways and hope you motivate other people into hand drawn animations too.

To :iconasylusgoji91:
Dude. Before Frank went in, you were one of the fellow friends I got to know who taught me a lot of stuff to be motivated for, like who to draw or what to animate. Sure you may be a little impatient with what you wanna see, but that's another can of worms. Either way, you're still one of the few first friends I ever got to meet, ever. Perhaps you get it more rewarding if you don't get to hurry up us a lot. Anyway, I wish you to keep improving what you can do, like how you helped with Alvin Earthworm's Super Mario Bros Z sprites for it, as well as the sprite animations you did back then.

To :iconlollie-narala:
Lollie. I wanna thank you too for introducing me into the website and know some people, I guess. Either way, you're also a nice friend who apparently tells me about some situations that have been going on around, though I can also get worried about some of the stuff that happens, like why is someone sad or if you're having problems. Sure I don't talk much, but I do have my thoughts anyway. I wish you keep going at it and good luck with your other projects.

To :iconmagic-kristina-kw:
Oh, Kristina. You were also one of the nicest friends I have ever met here. I thank you for the support we've been giving between each other on our careers since we met. Sure sometimes there can be some inconveniences going on that would hinder what we can do, but we have to know some stuff can be more important than what we already have. I also wanna thank you for introducing me to the concept of photomorphs in some of the pics and comics you have in your gallery, as well as knowing some more culture in your home country there in California. I don't know how we can be if we ever meet there, but I'm sure it's gonna be nice. I also wanna wish you good luck on your future projects and jobs with whatever you can have in mind, and let's hope people can still support our work anytime and help whenever something happens. Either way, we can be ready to deal with anything if done right.

EDIT: Removed one entry for personal reasons, but I'll add it in the next journal, to avoid more problems

Whew. Sorry about that, but I guess that's it for now.

Merry Christmas you all and Happy New Year too!
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